Tandem Oil Pumps

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Tandem Vacuum & Variable Displacement Oil Pump

The push for greater fuel economy and performance has driven vehicle manufacturers to turbocharged engines, resulting in the need to provide brake boost via vacuum pumps. SLPT Global Pump Group has developed a tandem pump that combines our variable displacement oil pump technology, along with a technology leading vacuum pump, in a compact, space efficient, single drive system. This system has shown industry leading low parasitic torque while providing a unique drive system which improves wear and performance of the vacuum pump.

  • Variable oil pump: two-stage, or fully variable solenoid control
  • Off-axis mounting
  • Plastic vacuum vanes and vane tips for improved NVH and durability

Heavy Duty Tandem Transmission Pump Module:

SLPT supports the heavy duty commercial transmission pump market with low to medium volume production experience for global OEM and Tier-1 customers. Whether it is a full-service design or make to print,  SLPT collaborates closely with our customers to transform designs into robust, quality products.

  • Vertical integration of die-cast aluminum casting and machining
  • Integration of transmission control valves and porting
  • Established manufacturing processes, quality controls, and critical component suppliers
  • Tandem vane and gerotor design

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