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Following a March 2017 IPO, SLPT was created to organize the automotive divisions under one business unit. The Global Pump, Valvetrain, Transmission, NEV E-Drive and SLETC Groups now work as one company to allow SLPT to take advantage of global engineering, development and manufacturing with strategic vertical integration and supply base to meet new and challenging customer requirements.

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  • 1974 – Holley Special Products (Coltec) Launch Mechanical Air Pumps
  • 1988 – Gerotor Engine Oil Pump SOP
  • 1995 – Electric Air Pump SOP
  • 1996 – BorgWarner Purchase of Sallisaw & Design Facilities
  • 1998 – Transfer Case Pump SOP
  • 2000 – First Patents Issued – Variable Pump Technology
  • 2007 – VCT Business SOP


  • 1990 – SLPT Automotive Founded
  • 1992 – Gerotor Oil Pump SOP
  • 2007 – Front Cover Oil Pump SOP


  • 2009 – SLW Automotive Established
  • 2009 – First Transmission Pump SOP
  • 2010 – Variable Vane Engine Oil Pump Business Award
  • 2011 – Vacuum Pump & Driveline E-Pump Pump Business Awards
  • 2012 – Fully Variable, Tandem Vac/Oil Pump Business Award
  • 2013 – Variable Vane Oil Pump SOP
  • 2013 – Electric Oil Pump SOP
  • 2014 – Fully Variable and Tandem Oil Pump SOP
  • 2014 – Commercial Tandem Transmission Pump SOP
  • 2015-17 – Significant Variable Pump Growth
  • 2018 – Launching Balanced Vane Transmission and Engine Tandem Pump Products in Ningbo

Awards & Certifications

Our Culture

SLPT’s culture is about teamwork, mutual respect, accountability and results. In addition to experience and skills, we particularly seek people with a thirst to learn and who thrive in a collaborative environment. Our goal is to provide outstanding value for our customers, a reasonable return for our shareholders and growth opportunities for our team members and to be a strong corporate citizen. We strive for excellence in all we do.

Social Responsibilities

SLPT supports our communities. Team members from the Sallisaw, OK facility showed respect to those we’ve lost by planting flags at the Fort Smith National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Rochester Hills, MI DDSC employees do their part in keeping the Clinton River walking trail clean through organizing trail walks to pickup trash. SLPT Global Pump Group participated in the first annual AAM charity golf outing, which raised $20,000 for St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

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