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Electric Axle Disconnect Pump – Brushed & Brushless

To further improve fuel economy of popular 4WD and AWD drivetrains, OEM’s are implementing traction control systems which are engaged only when needed. SLPT Global Pump Group has developed intermittent use, high pressure, small, efficient, DC pumps which can be integrated with other hydraulic system components to meet vehicle traction control & response time requirements.

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Electric Start/Stop Pump

Using either brushed or brushless DC motor technology, coupled with over 30 years of pump expertise, SLPT Global Pump Group has created a space efficient and quiet start/stop pump that meets OEM’s demanding drivetrain requirements.

  • 12 Volt
  • LIN, or Canbus Communication
  • Submerged, or Non-Submerged Application
  • 6 Bar Max Pressure
  • 0 to 125C Operation

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